Show someone how much you hate them!

Send a Glitter Bomb Worldwide for only £4.99!

Why not send them a Glitter Bomb?

Loads of Stupid Glitter in a letter that is guaranteed to go all over!


Here’s how the glitter bomb works

There’s someone out there at the moment who you want to have a bad day; be it a family member, friend , ex partner or boss.

Use the form below, provide a postal address anywhere in the world and we’ll send them a letter in an envelope primed with so much glitter that they’ll be washing it out of their hair for months.

We’ll also let you write a personalised note to your intended recipient, so as they are showered in a glitter cloud they can read your kind words.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter!

Send a Glitter Bomb Today

Ready to brighten up someone’s day? Ship some glitter now for only £4.99 using the form here.

What you’ll get

Your victim will receive an envelope jammed with glitter and your personalised message.

Delivery Times

UK orders take between 1-2 days to arrive.

European orders takes between 3-5 days to arrive.

International Delivery (Americas/Asia/Australasia) takes between 5-10 days to arrive.

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Glitter Hit Letter Delivery
Price: £4.99


Is this glitter bomb by post thing actually real?

Yes! We can’t believe it either, but we’re based in the UK and are a legitimate business. We use Royal Mail International Standard (Formerly Airmail) for worldwide postage or First Class if you wish the glitter letter to be send within mainland UK.

How does the glitter bomb letter work?

Think of a glitter letter recipient, enter their name and address, then click through and pay securely via PayPal (only PayPal at the moment – sorry!) . We pack up the glitter bomb letter, put it in an envelope and post it the next working day.

What happens after I pay for my glitter letter via PayPal?

We’ll receive your order, print your message, jam a load of glitter in, seal it in envelope with your recipients address and stick in in the post.
You also get a personalised message (up to 75 characters) for that special touch. Leave blank for a place holder message.

Will anyone know who sent the glitter letter?

Unless you let something slip in your personal message, no. Never. It is 100% anonymous.

My recipient inhaled a load of glitter and choked to death. Any help?

We aim to please but often exceed. Just keep quiet and none will be the wiser. However, it is safe and should not cause any harm to your victim –  just annoyance!

OK. How much is it to send some lovely glitter then?

It’s £4.99 ($7.50 USD) for a letter to be posted anywhere in the world.

Again…Why? Is posting glitter to someone you hate a “thing” now?

Yes. Also, think about it. It’ll be the highlight of their day for a brief moment.
An unexpected letter. The rush of excitement. “Oooh, airmail”.
What could it be? Then…poof…sprinkle! Glitter all over the place. The magic will be released!

Why glitter?

It’s fabulous, darling.


What kind of a boyfriend sends a Valentine’s card filled with red glitter? 😮 You’re sick!

Emma Turner @emma_turner_

I’ve just been attacked with a @glitterhit birthday card and no idea who it is from. So much glitter 🙁 🙁 🙁

Hannah Johnstone @hjohnstone

I’ll get you whoever did this! My suit is covered in glitter and I’ve got a client meeting in 5 minutes you damned dirty ape! 🙁

Brian Atkins @brianatkn